World Dairy Expo

World Dairy Expo Chairs:

General Chair

The general chair oversees all operations and prepares the Co-General Chair to be the General Chair the following year.

Co-General Chair

The co-general chair assists the General Chair and the other chairmen with their responsibilities.  He understands the importance and efficiency of delegating and communicating with the members.

Grounds Chairs

The grounds chairs organize setup and takedown of the barns, fences and tents.  They keep the grounds clean during the show and operate skid steers, tractors and forklifts.

Milk House Chairs

The milk house chairs operate the milk house and organize milk runs.  They record weights, sample milk and maintain sanitary conditions.

Show Ring Chairs

The showring chairs are responsible for coordinating the setup and takedown of the showring, as well as maintaining the showring during the shows.

Cheese Stand Chairs

The cheese stand chairs operate the club’s largest fundraiser.  They order supplies, coordinate sponsors and organize the work crew.

Storage and Signage Chairs

Storage and signage chairs transport supplies from the storage lockers to the Expo grounds before and during the show. They put up and take down signage keeping everything organized and looking nice. They ensure the all signage and supplies return to storage and organize items following the show.

Business Chairs

Business chairs coordinate worker hours, drive workers to and from the Expo grounds and make sure time sheets and tax forms are filled out properly.