World Dairy Expo hosts an international dairy cattle show, trade show, and educational events every year in Madison, WI. The trade show features over 650 companies, the dairy cattle show features over 1,600 exhibitors, and the educational opportunities span from advanced technology to farm tours and more.

Because WDE is held in Badger Dairy Club’s own backyard, we have the amazing opportunity to work with the WDE officials to get members working at the event as well as hosting the renowned Grilled Cheese Stand.

If you are a BDC member and you are interested in becoming a committee chair for World Dairy Expo, please see the descriptions below or contact the current 2023 General Chair, Zach Woodworth, at

2022 World Dairy Expo Chair Team
Back Row (left to right): Tyler Schroepfer (Showring), Jaden Henneman (Business), Zach Wiegel (General), Zach Woodworth (Co-General), Nate Daniels (Grounds), Isaiah Hoffman (Signage), Brianna Wanek (Cheesestand).

Front Row (left to right): Grace Vos (Showring), Kelley Braun (Business), Sophy Henisz (Showring), Clarissa Gross (Milkhouse), Ana McCourt (Signage), Zach Olson (Grounds).

Not pictured: Brooke Meinholz (Milkhouse), Kaitlyn Schott (Cheesestand), Nathan Poches (Signage)

Chair Descriptions

The general chair oversees all other chairs and is responsible for communications with other chairpersons. They will assist other chairpersons in their responsibilities and must have the leadership ability to recruit and motivate the WDE BDC workforce, as well as have outstanding organizational skills, and a desire to see the job done well and on time. They must understand the importance and efficiency of delegating others to work during WDE, is responsible for reserving state vehicles and ensuring that all eligible chairmen obtain a driver’s authorization.

The co-general chair assists the general chair with communications between all chairmen and assists them in their responsibilities. Following their term as co-general chair, they will serve as the next general chair for the following WDE and must illustrate the same abilities as explained in the general chair position. This is a two-year position, so they must be a junior or younger at the time of application.

The business chairs are responsible for coordinating all workers’ hours and driving them to and from WDE grounds. They must be capable of obtaining a driver’s permission slip from risk management as they will be using state-issued vehicles for the duration of WDE, as well as the prior week for set up. They must ensure that time sheets and tax sheets are properly filled out.

The cheese stand chairs are responsible for the cheese stand including: ordering all supplies, set-up and take-down of the area, finding sponsors and donors, managing finances, and organizing a work crew. This is a two-year position, so they must be a junior or younger at the time of application. The cheese stand is BDC’s largest fundraiser.

The grounds chairs are responsible for set-up and take-down of outdoor areas and barns. They are responsible for a plethora of duties during the show, including (but not limited to): manure cleanup, milk runs, night pulls, equipment operation, set-up of barns/fences/tents, and more. Prior skid steer, forklift, and tractor experience are preferred for this position.

The milkhouse chairs are responsible for operating the milkhouse area and maintaining a sanitary workspace. This is a two-year position, so they must be a junior or younger at UW to be selected for the position.

The signage chairs are responsible for transporting supplies from the warehouse to WDE grounds before and during the show, as well as returning the supplies to storage after the show. They also must assist with the set up of the exhibition hall and various locations throughout expo.

The showring chairs are responsible for coordinating and assisting in the set-up and take-down of the showring. They are responsible for the maintenance of the showring during shows, as well as the sale pavilion during expo.