Article I Organization Name   

The name of this organization shall be Badger Dairy Club.

Article II Purpose

The purpose of this club will be:

  1. To provide opportunities for fellowship, friendship, service and to grow socially.
  2. To provide an opportunity to enhance the educational experience.
  3. To promote dairy cattle, products and the industry.
  4. To learn of occupational opportunities.
  5. To make available the opportunity to make professional connections.

Article III Membership

Section 1

A member in good standing is anyone who: 1.) attends the University of Wisconsin-Madison or the UW- Farm and Industry Short Course Program 2.) expresses an interest in the dairy industry and the club; 3.) has paid the annual dues of $20 and has no outstanding debts to the club 4.) attends two meetings per semester 5.) works 10 hours if Freshman, 20 hours if upperclassmen, or 25 hours if BDC officer with at least 5 of those hours worked in the cheesestand at the World Dairy Expo. A member in bad standing can expect to not receive the same benefits as a good standing member. Additional consequences or fees may be determined by the officer team.

Section 2

A student can declare membership at any time during the year, but the full amount of annual dues must be paid before the student is considered a member.

Section 3

Annual dues for Farm and Industry Short Course members will be set at $10. World Dairy Expo work requirements are waived for FISC members.

FISC students are only eligible to attend non overnight trips.

Section 4

Under special circumstances the executive committee reserves the right to address certain conflicts on a case-by-case basis.

Article IV Voting & Elections


A minimum of one-half the members of Badger Dairy Club shall constitute a quorum, which must be necessary to transact the business coming before a regular meeting.


Section 1

Officers of the Badger Dairy Club of the upcoming school year shall be elected by the members of the club at the last regularly scheduled meeting in the spring. Any member of the club in good standing shall be eligible for an office. Nominations will be opened at the meeting prior to elections.

Section 2

The candidate receiving a majority vote will be considered elected. In the event of a tie, the President will cast the deciding vote.

Section 3

In case of vacancy of the President’s office, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President. In the case of a vacancy of any other office, a special election may be held at a regularly scheduled meeting or an appointment may be made by the President to fill the vacancy until the next scheduled officer elections.

Section 4

The term of an officer shall last from the time of the election to the end of the last regularly scheduled meeting of the following spring.

Article V Executive Committee Responsibilities

Section 1

Officers include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Officer, Activities Officer and two Outreach Officers.


The President will preside over all meetings using standard parliamentary procedure. The President is responsible for making meeting room arrangements for all regular meetings and officer meetings. The President will arrange officer meetings as deemed necessary and work with the officer team to develop projects for the year. The President will also ensure that the Secretary notifies members of meetings.

Vice President

The duties of Vice President include: 1.) arranging snacks and doorprizes for meetings 2.) finding a speaker or organizing a fun activity for the monthly meetings; 3.) coordinating the committee sign-up sheet; 4.) assigning committee chairs and ensuring that committees carry out their assignments; 5.) creating scholarship applications, an annual survey, outstanding class member awards and the senior award given out at the Spring Banquet. If there is a conflict of interest another executive committee member will carry out these duties; 6) encourage the membership’s professional development; 7.) assisting the President and other officers. When the President is absent the Vice President will preside over meetings.


The Secretary is responsible for: 1.) recording the minutes for each official club meeting and emailing those minutes to club members within 72 hours after the meeting; 2.) notifying members of monthly meetings and record attendance at the meetings; 3.) keeping a membership list with email addresses and phone numbers; 4.) periodically checking the Badger Dairy Club mailbox. If the Executive Committee opts to use a point system to determine eligibility for activities, the Secretary will keep a record of members’ points.


The Treasurer of Badger Dairy Club is responsible for the club’s financial policy and assets. They will: 1.) make disbursements in payment of the club’s debt; 2.) collect membership dues by the third meeting of the semester; 3.) maintain a checking account with the club’s chosen bank.

Public Relations Officer

It shall be the duty of the Public Relations Officer to publicize the activities, meetings and events of the Badger Dairy Club by poster, newspaper, radio, flyers or other means of communication. The Public Relations Officer will update the display booth and website regularly, and organize service activities for the club. The Public Relations Officer will be the chairman of the newsletter committee and see that the newsletter is distributed four times per year.

Activities Officer

The Activities Coordinator plans trips for the club throughout the year, the Spring Banquet, along with the Midwest ADSA-SAD Convention. This officer is responsible for correspondence with the host school of the Midwest ADSA-SAD convention. This officer will also act as a liaison for the National ADSA-SAD. This officer is in charge of coordinating chaperones for the trips as well.

Outreach Officers (2)

The two Outreach Officers will share the promotion responsibilities of the following: managing and updating the BDC board, attending Student Organization Fairs, attend monthly CALS Student Council meetings representing the Badger Dairy Club, organizing CALS Day for Kids, designing the scrapbook for ADSA, organizing apparel orders, as well as the showmanship competition at the Midwest Spring Show, and any other service activities.

Section 2

The Executive Committee shall consist of all officers and two advisors.

Advisors (2)

The Badger Dairy Club shall have an on campus advisor only. This advisor will be elected as long they plan to serve their term. The on-campus advisor shall be a member of the Dairy Science faculty willing to assist the Badger Dairy Club with various events and regularly attend monthly meetings.

Article VI Committees

The President or Vice President can appoint other committees as deemed necessary throughout the year. Typically the committees include:

Badger Dairy Club Spring Banquet

This committee is in charge of planning the annual banquet, including finding the location, organizing the program and promoting the activity to students, faculty and industry supporters.

Badger Dairy Club Wear

The Outreach Officers design, order and distribute the Badger Dairy Club wear of the year. The editors are also responsible for collecting payment and giving it to the Treasurer.

Dairy Promotions/Special Projects

This committee is in charge of developing new ways to promote Badger Dairy Club and the dairy industry. They also arrange events for the club including farm tours, school visits and brochures.

FFA Contest/4-H Quiz Bowl

This committee works with the Extension Dairy Youth Specialist in preparing the judging and showmanship contest for High School FFA members. The committee also works with the State Outreach Specialist to assist in the 4-H quiz bowl competition. Both occur in the spring.

Spring Showmanship Contest

This committee organizes the contest, judges, and prizes for the showmanship contest that is sponsored by Badger Dairy Club at the Midwest National Spring Show.

Article VII Special Events & Awards

Section 1

The activities may include but are not limited to the following list:

World Dairy Expo

Dairy Judging

American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)-SAD Midwest & National

Dairy Promotion-

Spring Banquet

Spring Showmanship Contest

School Visits

Spring Trip

Badger Invitational Sale

Intramural Teams

Section 2

The Badger Invitational sale chairs are selected by the previous year’s sale chairs for the following positions. The new chairmen will be chosen by the chairmen of the previous sale.

  •         General: Oversees the other chairs and all aspects of the sale. Acts as the public relations communicator for the event.
  •         Advertising: Orders the sale wear and advertises the event in newspapers, publications and magazines. This chair works closely with the sale manager. (Computer knowledge helpful)
  •         Cattle Care/Needs and Cattle Preparation: Responsible for getting all supplies needed to house and tie animals as well as auction ring and set up at sale location. Also responsible for getting all feed and necessary equipment and supplies to clean and feed the animals while on the grounds. This chair coordinates nightline, fitting and washing schedules.
  •         Catalog: Designs the layout for the catalog, organizing all the cattle information. Works closely with the printer of the catalog and organizes semen sale and receives semen donations.
  •         Selections: Four individuals are responsible for selecting the animals for the sale from farms. Also responsible for contracting the animals selected and for getting all consignment information to the catalog chairman.
  •         Special Events: Organizes pre- and post-sale entertainment and activities.
  •         Decorations & Concessions: Responsible for organizing concessions during the sale and decorations of the sale area.

Section 3

The chairman for World Dairy Expo shall be selected by the previous chairmen for the following positions:

  •         World Dairy Expo General Chairperson: The WDE General Chairperson will be responsible for communications with other chairpersons and will assist them in their responsibilities. The General Chair must have the leadership ability to recruit and motivate the World Dairy Expo Badger Dairy Club workforce, outstanding organizational skills and a desire to see the job done well and on time. The General Chair should have an understanding of the importance and efficiency of delegating people to work during Expo. Will be responsible for reserving state vehicles and ensuring that all eligible chairmen obtain a driver’s authorization.
  •         Co-General: Assist the General Chair with the communications with other chairmen and assist them in their responsibilities. The Co-General during World Dairy Expo will be the General Chair for the next year.
  •         Grounds: Responsible for set-up and takedown of the outdoor areas and the barns. The Grounds Chair will be responsible for a plethora of duties during the show. Skid steer and forklift experience is especially helpful for this position.
  •         Milkhouse: Required to operate the milk house area and organize milk can runs with available help. Responsible for weighing and sampling milk. This is a two-year position.
  •         Business: Responsible for coordinating workers hours and driving workers to and from Expo grounds. Must be capable of obtaining a driver’s permission slip from risk management.
  •         Cheese Stand: Responsible for operating the cheese stand including ordering all supplies, set-up and take-down of the cheese stand area and organizing a work crew. This is a two-year position.
  •         Show Ring: Responsible for coordinating and assisting in the setup and takedown of the showring, as well as the maintenance of the show ring and sale pavilion during the week of Expo.
  •         Storage: Responsible for transporting supplies from the storage lockers to the Expo grounds before and during the show, and for returning them to storage after the show. Also assist with the setup of the exhibition hall.

Section 4

The Badger Dairy Club shall sponsor activities which will develop scholarship, leadership and character. The annual awards may include, but are not limited to the following:

  •         Friend of Badger Dairy Club: The Friend of Badger Dairy Club is awarded to someone who has been very involved with the active members of Badger Dairy Club throughout the year. This person has provided guidance and support and served as a mentor by setting a positive example. The club recognizes this person for going above and beyond the call of duty to help Badger Dairy Club and its members. The recipient is nominated and voted on by the membership.
  •         Honored Guest: Badger Dairy club recognizes this person or organization for donating a significant amount of time or resources to the club. This individual or organization has demonstrated outstanding support for Badger Dairy Club and the award is recognition that their interest is sincerely appreciated. This award is selected through nomination and a vote by the membership.
  •         Outstanding Senior: Selection is done through an application process for a senior(s) graduation in the spring or following December, and the recipient(s) are chosen by a committee.
  •         Scholarships: Selection is done through an application process. It is open to any member enrolled for the upcoming academic year. Applicants shall be selected at the discretion of the designated judges who are selected by the scholarship chair.
  •         Outstanding Class Member: Selection is done through an application process for each class. Application cannot be a member of the Executive Committee.

Article VIII Finances

Section 1

The Treasurer and Executive Committee will set the club membership dues at the beginning of the academic year.

Section 2

With the exception of the cheese stand, no part of the earnings of the organization shall be distributed to its members, directors, officers or other private person. The organization shall be authorized to pay reimbursement for expenses rendered. The Executive Committee has the right to treat other situations on a case-by-case basis.

Section 3

The Executive Committee has the authority to spend up to 100 dollars for special club activities and events, or for any other purpose that will further the interests of the club and its members.

Section 4

Scholarships will be awarded annually with the number of scholarships and the monetary amount to be determined by the scholarship judges, scholarship committee and executive committee.

Section 5

In the event of dissolution, any remaining club assets shall be distributed exclusively for charitable or educational purposes as shall qualify as exempt organizations under Section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954.

Article IX Meetings

Meetings of the Badger Dairy Club shall be held on the third Wednesday of every month unless otherwise specified by the Executive Committee. Parliamentary Procedure will be used to conduct all meetings.

Article X Amendments

The Constitution may be amended by the following method:

A proposed amendment shall be presented at a regular meeting of the Badger Dairy Club. If two-thirds of the Badger Dairy Club members attending the meeting vote in favor of the proposal, the proposed amendment shall be referred until the next regular meeting. The proposed amendment shall become part of the Constitution and if and when two-thirds of the members at the next meeting of the Badger Dairy Club vote in favor of it after it has been approved and referred from a previous regular meeting.

Article XI Code of Conduct

Failure of any member of the Badger Dairy Club to comply with the rules stated in the Badger Dairy Club Code of Conduct and the Club Risk Management Policy will be brought before the Executive Committee for possible expulsion or other consequences. Failure to follow rules complied with any BDC event results in bad standing with the University of Wisconsin-Madison Dairy Science Department.